Federal Register: Proposed Interpretive Order on Disruptive Trading Practices

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Gavel.png FINAL RULE: This page refers to the proposed rulemaking on disruptive trading practices. For a summary of the interpretive guidance of May 2013, click here.
Timeline, Interpretive Guidance on Disruptive Practices
Proposal Date Comment Deadline Effective Date
March 18, 2011 May 17, 2011 May 28, 2013

On February 24, 2011, the CFTC held an open meeting on the Twelfth Series of Proposed Rules under the Dodd-Frank Act. Among the topics at this meeting was an interpretive order proposal regarding disruptive trading practices. The proposal defines as disruptive any practice that:

  • violates bids or offers;
  • demonstrates intentional or reckless disregard for orderly execution; or
  • is of the character of, or is commonly known to the trade as, “spoofing” (bidding or offering with the intent to cancel the bid or offer before execution).<ref>Open Meeting on Twelfth Series of Proposed Rules under the Dodd-Frank Act. CFTC. Retrieved on February 26, 2011.</ref>

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