Dodd-Frank Act - Effective Date for Swap Regulation - Comment Letter - CME Group - May 30, 2012

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Dodd-Frank Timeline, Order to Address Effective Date for Swap Regulations, CFTC
2nd Proposal Date Comment Deadline Extension Date
May 16, 2012 May 30, 2012 December 31, 2012

Effective Date Amendments: Second Amendment to July 14, 2011, Order for Swap Regulation
May 30, 2012

In the letter, CME Group believes that the agricultural swaps provisions in the proposed order will "advance key Dodd-Frank goals, including promoting the exchange trading and clearing of swaps, increasing market transparency and reducing counterparty credit risk."

CME Group does request, however, clarify the "ambiguity" regarding the termination of relief contingent on the finalization of rulemakings, especially those on DCMs and SEFs.



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