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John Lothian News Features

The Silent Screams of the Bitcoin Shorts

John Lothian » 12.5.17

If bitcoin were a standard commodity or securities instrument, headlines would be screaming about how the “shorts” were being squeezed. With bitcoin in a parabolic price rise, some calling it a mania, there are no shorts to scream bloody murder. Many commodities and companies have key constituents who apply political pressure when futures markets are moving so sharply that common sense tells you there is something wrong or unbalanced happening in the market. Sometimes rules are changed or obscure procedures exercised at futures exchanges in order to accommodate an orderly liquidation of positions in cases where the powers that be...Read more

Information and Cyber Security for the Futures Industry; A Perspective by VSEC, LLC

John Lothian » 10.15.17

Robert K. Wilmouth Passes Away; Remembered as Respected Industry Leader and Colleague

John Lothian » 9.15.17

Alphabet Soup: The DAO, ETH, ICOs and the SEC

Jeff Bergstrom » 8.14.17

Time to Close the Asset Class Ban Loophole

John Lothian » 5.26.17