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John Lothian News Features

The Spread – Numbers on the Board

Spencer Doar » 6.14.19A snarky recap of the week's notable (and sometimes just random) options-related news, hosted by JLN Editor Spencer Doar.

Law Firm Investigates Harvest’s CYES Options Trading Strategy; HFTers Back Exchanges Against SEC Rebate Plan

Spencer Doar » 6.14.19A daily snapshot of options news regarding regulation, market participants, market structure, and trends in the industry.


Matt Raebel » 6.14.19Binance announced Friday that the Malta-based exchange is “unable to provide services to any U.S. person.” This came a day after the exchange had announced it was formally expanding to the U.S. via a new dedicated platform.

London Metal Exchange

Sarah Rudolph » 6.14.19The London Metal Exchange has banned all staff who work on its trading floor from drinking alcohol during working hours. The ban affects about 120 personnel, from traders to clerks, of nine different firms.

Hong Kong’s Global Financial Clout Clouded by Uncertainty; LME bans drinking during work hours

Spencer Doar » 6.14.19A daily aggregation of financial news regarding regulation, market participants, market structure, and trends in the derivatives industry.


Matt Raebel » 6.13.19Helium, an IoT company founded in 2013 by Shawn Fanning, the creator of Napster, announced a $15 million Series C funding round led by Union Square Ventures and Multicoin Capital Wednesday. The company is seeking to build a decentralized wireless network that uses wireless hotspots, digital tokens, and public radio waves to create an IoT […]