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Dodd-Frank Timeline, Feasibility Study on the Adoption of Standardized Computer-readable Algorithmic Descriptions
Proposal Date Comment Deadline Study Issued
December 9, 2010 December 31, 2010 April 7 2011

To assist in the Dodd-Frank rulemaking process, the commission created a new subcommittee: the Subcommittee on Data Standardization, which will report to the CFTC’s Technology Advisory Committee. The subcommittee held its first public meeting on August 5, 2011.<ref>Meeting of the Technology Advisory Subcommittee on Data Standardization. CFTC. Retrieved on August 15, 2011.</ref> Additional meetings are to be held on September 30, 2011, and November 4, 2011. <ref>Opening Statement, Inaugural Meeting of the Data Standardization Subcommittee. CFTC. Retrieved on August 15, 2011.</ref>

Subcommittee of Data Standardization Open Meeting, August 5, 2011[edit]

At its first meeting, the subcommittee heard opening statements by Commissioner Scott O'Malia, chairman of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC), and Andrei Kirilenko, the chairman of the Subcommittee on Data Standardization of the TAC. After subcommittee introductions and Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) Overview from Nancy Doyle, Office of General Counsel, working group members participated in two breakout sessions.

A video of the meeting, and summary of the working group proposals, can be found below.



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