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John Lothian News Features

Nonbank Runs – A Flight of the Fancy

Doug Ashburn » 2.2.16

“Potter’s not selling; Potter’s buying. Why? Because we’re panicking and he’s not!”  – George Bailey We all remember the scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life” when James Stewart (as George Bailey) tries to stave off a run by nervous depositors at his Bailey Bros. Building and Loan while, across town, financier Mr. Potter looks to swoop in at fire sale prices. These days, according to a panel of economists at Monday’s CME Group-MSRI Prize in … Read more

Sweet 16 Honorable Mention – Regulation

RJ Roxas » 1.6.16

Haim Bodek, Decimus Capital Markets – A Flash Course on Market Structure

Doug Ashburn » 12.30.15

Sweet 16: The Tops For 2016 – Regulation

RJ Roxas » 12.17.15

A Marginal Victory – for the Time Being

Doug Ashburn » 12.17.15

Sweet 16: The Tops For 2016 – Exchanges

RJ Roxas » 12.4.15