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John Lothian News Features

Regulators’ Rebuke of ‘Living Wills’ Proves Dodd-Frank Is Working

JLN Staff » 8.15.14

Financial regulatory consultant Mayra Rodriguez Valladares looks at the recent Federal Reserve/FDIC rejection of the major banks’ resolution plans. The Federal Reserve Board, and especially the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., have demonstrated exemplary leadership in their rebuke of big banks’ so-called living wills. The agencies announced earlier this month that the resolution plans of the country’s 11 largest banks were inadequate, concluding that they could not be unwound in an orderly manner without a government … Read more

Parting Thoughts – ISDA derivatiViews

Doug Ashburn » 7.31.14

“Gimme Some Money”: Money Market Gets Another Regulatory Look

Doug Ashburn » 7.22.14

Revved Up: CME Europe’s Knottenbelt Says Currencies Just The Beginning

JLN Staff » 7.10.14

It’s Easier This Way: Justin Llewellyn-Jones of Fidessa Maps A Compliance Path for Firms

JLN Staff » 7.8.14

Navigational Beacon: NASDAQ OMX Group’s Hans-Ole Jochumsen Steering through Challenges

JLN Staff » 7.2.14