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John Lothian News Features

“Gimme Some Money”: Money Market Gets Another Regulatory Look

Doug Ashburn » 7.22.14

Editor’s note: On Wednesday, July 23, the SEC approved final money market reform rules, which have introduced a floating NAV and retention gates during times of market stress.   VIEW SEC PRESS RELEASE On July 23, traders, fund managers and other big buy-siders will be tuning in to an announcement from a Federal agency that may have far-reaching effects on how money is allocated in the U.S. This time it is not the FOMC that … Read more

Revved Up: CME Europe’s Knottenbelt Says Currencies Just The Beginning

JLN Staff » 7.10.14

It’s Easier This Way: Justin Llewellyn-Jones of Fidessa Maps A Compliance Path for Firms

JLN Staff » 7.8.14

Navigational Beacon: NASDAQ OMX Group’s Hans-Ole Jochumsen Steering through Challenges

JLN Staff » 7.2.14

Speed Reader: FIA Europe’s Simon Puleston Jones making his way through MiFID II

JLN Staff » 6.27.14

Slick Transition: ICE Clear Europe’s Paul Swann Talks NYSE Integration

JLN Staff » 6.24.14