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John Lothian News Features

Adrienne Seaman, CME Group – Legal Aspects of a Career in Futures

Doug Ashburn » 11.23.15

“Technology is at the heart of our business, particularly in these electronic days, so having a lawyer who can do financial services and technology without going white and feeling sick makes a lot of sense.” In 2008, Adrienne Seaman was looking for a change, for fear of getting “bored” in her job as a partner in a London law firm. As a lawyer with a degree in computer science, she was particularly well suited to … Read more

Trying To Stop The Next Flash Crash

RJ Roxas » 11.20.15

Peeling back the layers of the European regulatory onion with Finex’s Andrew Gebhardt

Doug Ashburn » 11.19.15

FIA Expo: Acid washed options

Spencer Doar » 11.6.15

The Data Game: UnaVista’s Maryse Gordon Dissects the Data Challenges under Global Regulations

RJ Roxas » 10.28.15

2015 Conference on High Frequency and Algorithmic Trading

RJ Roxas » 10.19.15