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John Lothian News Features

Squeezing Pennies: Clearing Houses Reach For Compression, Margin Relief and Netting

Sarah Rudolph » 3.31.16

When it comes to clearing and settlement today, the name of the game is capital efficiency. With a host of regulations hitting the market, particularly with bank capital requirements under Basel III, exchanges and clearing houses are moving quickly to find ways for banks and clearing FCMs to lower the amount of cash they need to hold onto in the name of lower systemic risk. It is an interesting time to be in the clearing … Read more

Let’s Pause a Moment: Keith Ross Talks Dark Pool Rules and IEX

RJ Roxas » 3.10.16

25 Years – NIBA’s Schramm and Burke Talk History, Growth and Looking Ahead

RJ Roxas » 2.29.16

So I Found You Again On Facebook: LSE and Deutsche Börse Dating Again

Doug Ashburn » 2.23.16

Big Data = Big Money

Jim Kharouf » 2.19.16

Germination And Emergence: Allison Yacker on Emerging Manager Seeding Arrangements

RJ Roxas » 2.15.16