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John Lothian News Features

A Smart Idea

Doug Ashburn » 11.20.14

We admit it – over the years we have leveled our share of criticism toward the CFTC, its commissioners, some of the things they say and certain rules they have published. Lately, though, we have had mostly good things to say. The new chairman, Tim Massad, has struck a more conciliatory note with market participants in the U.S. and, perhaps more importantly, abroad. In recent days, new commissioners Chris Giancarlo and Sharon Bowen have each … Read more

Right Turn: Micah Green Examines Derivatives Reform in the Wake of the 2014 Congressional Election

Doug Ashburn » 11.10.14

Post-Trade Views: Euronext’s Andrew Simpson on Interoperability and Open Access

JLN Staff » 11.4.14

Michael Gorham, professor and director of the Center for Financial Innovation at IIT Stuart School of Business – How to Regulate When You Don’t Really Understand the Industry

JLN Staff » 10.21.14

Oceans of Data: Ari Rubenstein Talks About the Next Data Challenge and Solution

JLN Staff » 10.15.14

Five Year Plan: DTCC’s Marisol Collazo Offers a Progress Report on Global Data Repository Issues

Doug Ashburn » 10.9.14