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John Lothian News Features

SEFCON Snapshot 2014, Part II: Cross-Border Issues

Doug Ashburn » 12.18.14

The WMBA Americas hosted SEFCON V on November 12, 2014, and John Lothian News was there. We interviewed 14 SEF operators, regulators and participants and put together this three part series on the state of SEFs one year into the mandate. Part II looks at the differences between U.S. SEF rules and those of other jurisdictions. When G-20’s finance ministers met in Pittsburgh in 2009, a global consensus was reached on the principles for regulatory … Read more

SEFCON Snapshot 2014, Part I: Technology and Innovation

Doug Ashburn » 12.12.14

Pipelines: Nick Solinger Talks Market Infrastructure for SEFs

JLN Staff » 12.10.14

Clear Skies Ahead: Terry Duffy of CME Group Says Clearing Is Industry Driver

JLN Staff » 12.7.14

A Smart Idea

Doug Ashburn » 11.20.14

Right Turn: Micah Green Examines Derivatives Reform in the Wake of the 2014 Congressional Election

Doug Ashburn » 11.10.14