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John Lothian News Features

HFT in the Crosshairs

Doug Ashburn » 4.14.14

When Michael Lewis’ “Flash Boys” hit the bookshelves a couple weeks ago, it was as if a giant HFT target had been placed on the shooting range. Since then, the calls for HFT curbs, taxes, and other regulation have become increasingly shrill. While John Lothian News has been saying for years that the equity market structure is broken and in need of a fix, too much of the current narrative is based on misinformation and … Read more

Exchange CEO Series – Expanding Metal: LME’s Garry Jones tells a Hong Kong growth story

JLN Staff » 4.8.14

Exchange CEO Series – New Neighbors: Alan Gandelman says ATS Brasil spells trouble for BM&F Bovespa

JLN Staff » 4.3.14

Exchange CEO Series – Big Crowd: ISE’s Gary Katz says crowded options field to get larger

JLN Staff » 4.1.14

Exchange CEO Series – Singaporean shift: SGX’s Magnus Bocker says region is primed for growth

JLN Staff » 3.27.14

Exchange CEO Series – World View: Nasdaq OMX’s Bob Greifeld looks at regulation, tech resiliency and partners

JLN Staff » 3.25.14

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