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John Lothian News Features

FIA’s Walt Lukken on Reg AT and the 2016 Agenda

Spencer Doar » 7.19.16

Walt Lukken, president and CEO of the FIA, spoke with JLN about what is in store for the rest of the year at the trade organization. The FIA has been coordinating with 10 working groups on what upcoming rules about automated trading (Reg AT) should look like for the futures industry. Lukken said that the FIA believes it would be best to break Reg AT into two more manageable parts.  The first portion would focus … Read more

How Now and What’s Next for Retail Forex?

Doug Ashburn » 6.2.16

Squeezing Pennies: Clearing Houses Reach For Compression, Margin Relief and Netting

Sarah Rudolph » 3.31.16

Let’s Pause a Moment: Keith Ross Talks Dark Pool Rules and IEX

RJ Roxas » 3.10.16

25 Years – NIBA’s Schramm and Burke Talk History, Growth and Looking Ahead

RJ Roxas » 2.29.16

So I Found You Again On Facebook: LSE and Deutsche Börse Dating Again

Doug Ashburn » 2.23.16